Consultant Associate Editor-2

Role 1: Peer-Review Process (PRP)
1. Assigning papers for review appropriate to each reviewer’s area of interest and expertise.
2. Establishing a process for reviewers to ensure that they treat the manuscript as a confidential
document and complete the review promptly
3. Informing reviewers that they are not allowed to make any use of the work described in the
manuscript or to take advantage of the knowledge they gained by reviewing it before publication
4. Providing reviewers with written, explicit instructions on the journal’s expectations for the scope,
content, quality, and timeliness of their reviews to promote thoughtful, fair, constructive, and
informative critique of the submitted work
5. Requesting that reviewers identify any potential conflicts of interest and asking that they recuse
themselves if they cannot provide an unbiased review
6. Allowing reviewers appropriate time to complete their reviews.
Role 2: Manuscript Commissioning (MC)
1. Ensure a supply of high-quality manuscripts to STM in quantities that can maintain the publishing
schedule of the journal. If insufficient manuscripts are being submitted, then you should discuss
how to address this with your publishing contact.
2. The Associate Editor is responsible for promoting the call for papers through various channels,
such as social media, email lists, and conferences. The editor should ensure that the call for
papers reaches a wide audience and attracts high-quality submissions.


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