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KNOWLEDGE is a bibliographic database, positioned as an abstracting & indexing service and act as a knowledge access gateway using a unique search platform. KNOWLEDGE also act as a discovery service where information is harvested & displayed using metadata with links to the full text on the publisher website site.

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Case studies are a potent educational tool, particularly in the realm of law. They bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, providing a comprehensive learning platform for students and a dynamic teaching aid for faculty. Here’s how case studies facilitate learning, skilling, and enhancing legal acumen in a classroom environment:For Students:1Real-World Application: Case studies

How Case Studies Enhance Learning, Skilling, and Legal Acumen in Classroom Environments

Introduction:In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, institutions must adapt to innovative teaching methods and resources to prepare their students effectively. One such resource that has gained immense importance is subscribing to a case studies database. This article explores the significant reasons why institutions should consider integrating case studies into their curriculum and the mutual benefits

Enhancing Education with Case Studies: A Vital Resource for Institutions


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