About Us

KNOWLEDGE is a bibliographic database, positioned as an abstracting & indexing service and act as a knowledge access gateway using a unique search platform. KNOWLEDGE also act as a discovery service where information is harvested & displayed using metadata with links to the full text on the publisher website site.

Knowledge Database is a collection of curated data points which are comprising of the following Vital Information.






Patent Information

Conference Proceeding

News Updates

The Subject packages are extensive, in depth and curated collection which helps students/researcher & faculty in:
  • Search Capabilities.
  • Identifying the relevant Information.
  • Identifying the keyword and tags relevant for a domain.
  • Saving precious time by focusing on relevant information.
  • Help in finding the latest and most authentic information.
  • Access to both free, paid subscription based content, which can be filtered by relevant search.
Salient Features of Publishing Group:
  • Well documented process and standards with complete tractability.
  • Best in Class IP based Full Institutional Instant Access.
  • Unlimited User Access for Institutions (24×7).
Top Reasons to Subscribe our Databases.
  • To promote the students in the field of Engineering, Science & Technology, & many more domains.
  • To meet the present-day requirements by incorporating advances in Basic Sciences to serve the requirements of global knowledge.
  • It also aims to increase the visibility and awareness of Science & Technology worldwide.
  • To encourage the Scholars to research classical texts and investigate the fundamental principles of the Indian System of education.
  • To develop prospective Human Resource in Indian Education System, especially to develop scientific aptitude and expertise relating to all domains.

We are open for all kind of suggestion and insights from our current and potential customers regarding these products as we are determined to continuously improve upon the products features and value for all the stakeholder.